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    Nyeste és Nyesténé



    Welcome to the homepage of Nyeste and Nyesténé Building Back-plate Set Producing Commercial and Servicing Ltd.

    The main profile of our company is the production of door-and window handles, portal brass-plating sets, knobs, back-plates and roses for plastic, wood and metal door and window blocks into wall openings.

    A Nyeste és Nyesténé Kft. panoráma képe

    We are the biggest door-and window handle producers in Hungary both in terms of quantity and variety.

    Much of our products is made of aluminium: in polished, eloxed and electrostatic painted finishings. For customer request we are able to produce handles and back-plates from copper and non-corrosive materials in small series.

    Beside the production of big series, we fulfill unique and small serie orders as well.

    Beyond production we provide several servicing activities as well:

    • Aluminium casting
    • Cold forming, pressing
    • Surface treatment and finishing
    • Cutting and metal processing

    Our products are directly exported to Austria, Romania and Serbia, and are indirectly exported by lock producers and wholesalers to several European countries.

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