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    Nyeste és Nyesténé


    About us

    The Nyeste and Nyesténé Ltd. was founded by Mr. Ferenc Nyeste and Mrs. Katalin Nyesténé Csősz in 1984 as a private enterprise. In 1996 the owners transformed their enterprise into a limited liability company.

    During the initial period they did lease work for the firm ELZETT in Berettyóújfalu, they polished door-and window handles, metal parts of illuminators and plastic teaching tools for other companies.

    As a results of the regime, many state owned companies closed down including the local ELZETT. As ELZETT was the only Hungarian producer of door-and window handles, its shutdown caused a large-scale market gap for these products.

    Then the owners decided to direct their company’s profile around building back-plate production in cooperation with other local enterprises. At first, they made metal polishing and assembly of finished products in their own workshop. The handle moldings were purchased and the surface treatement was outsourced.

    Incipiently the owners broadened their small workshop beside their house, but after a time, due to the lack of space, they purchased a parcel in the local industrial park and they started a building project, which was financed mainly from own capital and partly from tenders and bank loan.
    Then, in the new firm, they started to configurate the technology of handle production, that were completed by self-supporting casting, galvanic works and toolmaking.

    The company started to grow, and the owners monitored the innovations of lock producers to help the development of new products, and the widening of their product range. A part of the company’s safety back-plate sets are qualified by the Association of Hungarian Insurance Companies. The shields are strengthened by cylinder protector, and can only be mounted from the internal part of the front-door, providing increased protection.

    In continuance of time, the company became so strong in the local market that they became the biggest Hungarian door-and window handle producers both in terms of quality and variety.

    Beside inland sales, the company’s products are directly exported to Romania, Austria and Serbia, but they are known and demanded in many other European countries as well.

    As quality is a main aspect for the owners, in 2000 they introduced the ISO Quality Assurance System for the fortification of quality, so thus the company works under MSZ EN ISO 9001.

    The main expectations for ourselves:
    • Continuous technical and technological innovation
    • Expansion of product structure
    • Full satisfaction of customer needs
    • Kept of undertaken deadlines
    • Assurance of continuous good quality
    • Fair partnership both with the customers and the suppliers


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