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    Nyeste és Nyesténé


    Aluminium Casting

    Aluminium casting is done through two types of technologies in our foundry.

    • Manual casting
    • Machine pressure casting


    In manual casting the liquid metal fills the casting die with the help of gravitation, therefore, this method is also called gravity casting.
    We manufacture different types of aluminium alloy accessory parts either by using our own casting tools or molds provided by our customer. On order, we will make the appropriate mold for the casting of the given accessory part based on a provided sample or drawing documentation. The weight limit of the castings is minimum 0.05 kg and maximum 0.25 kg. We manufacture small and large series.

    Our machines:
    • Gas powered casting stove (4 pieces)
    • 150 kg/batch gas powered melting furnace


    Mechanical casting is done by a casting machine with built up molds. The machine opens and closes the ejector dies and injects the molten metal into the dies. It is usually used for casting easily fusible metals. One of its advantages is high productivity, precision, proper closeness, good surface quality, capability of producing complicated accessory parts, economical efficiency.

    Our machines:
    • 150 ton horizontal die-casting machine
    • 250 ton horizontal die-casting machine
    • 350 ton horizontal die-casting machine
    • 100 ton vertical die-casting machine

    We also do the further treatment of the cast accessory parts:
    • Buffing
    • Machining
    • Surface treatment

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