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    Surface Treatment And Finishing

    We do four types of surface treatment in our factory:
    • Manual and mechanical polishing
    • Electrostatic painting
    • Anodic oxidation
    • Galvanizing

    We polish products made especially of aluminium, copper, and stainless materials either in small individual or large series.

    Our machines:
    Two-work station combinable buffing machines which are good for conventional felt and cloth wheel polishing, brightening as well as band-polishing.

    We offer tumbling, brightening, polishing in bulk quantities.

    Our machines:
    • GRANIT BULTON FM 3 type 85 liter vibrational tumbling machine (2 pieces)
    • GRANIT BULTON FM 10 type 280 liter tumbling machine (4 pieces)
    • GRANIT BULTON FM 20 type 560 liter tumbling machine (2 pieces)
    • SPIRATRON ROTO – FINIS ST – 60 M type tumbler
    • NIDERBERGER type two-head flat-buffer

    Electrostatic painting or powder-spray painting is excellent for painting aluminium or steel surfaces. We offer tribo- and electrostatic painting with our modern paint-spraying machines in the colors of the RAL color-scale.
    Our machines:
    • GEMA type powder sprayer with fluid and vibratory table tank.
    • NORDSON type powder sprayer with fluid and vibratory table tanks
    • Gas powered hot melt furnace, dimensions: 3000 mm x 1400 mm x 1100 mm
    This type of painting is durable, forms an even layer, has a high abrasion resistance, aesthetical.

    Eloxation is the surface treatment of products made of aluminium alloys trough an electrochemical process which gives the aluminium accessory parts lasting surface protection. We offer anodic oxidation in the following colors:
    • F1- natural colour
    • F2- champagne colour
    • F3- gold colour
    • F4- light brown colour
    • F5- dark brown colour
    • Black colour
    We can treat even 1800 mm x 500 mm parts in our eloxation tanks besides the smaller parts. We can apply the color, as required, at depths between 8 and 30 microns. We work with two different types of coloring technologies:
    • Immersion colouring – appropriate for applying colours F2 and F3
    • Polyphase current colouring – appropriate for applying colours F4 , F5 and Black
    One of its advantages is that the anodic oxide layer increases the surface hardness of the metal, protects it from further oxidation, and the applied color makes the appearance of the product even more aesthetic.


    Two types of zincing is done at our plant.
    • Batch galvanizing or barrel plating:
    Barrel dimensions (two compartment barrel): 2 x 450 mm x 300 mm
    • Suspension or stationary galvanizing
    Tank dimensions: 1200 mm x 800 mm x 700 mm
    During galvanizing the base metal is not exposed to any heat effects which could change its structure and physical qualities.
    The advantage of galvanizing is that it is a clean process, there is no alloying with the base metal, therefore, it results in resistance against chemical effects. This quality is crucial in anti-corrosion protection. The zinc layer excellently adheres to the base metal and its physical and chemical qualities are appropriate.

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