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    Nyeste és Nyesténé


    Cold Forming, Pressing

    Pressing (cutting, punching, and bending) is done with our own tools or tools provided by the customer. The benefit of this technology is the possibility of serial production on a large scale, accuracy of shape and dimensions.

    Our machines:
    • 3.15 ton PYTE type hydraulic pressing machine (3 pieces)
    • 25 ton DKS type eccentric pressing machine (2 pieces)
    • 40 ton DKS type eccentric pressing machine (2 pieces)
    • 65 ton PE – 63 A type eccentric pressing machine

    Upon the request of the customer we do additional surface treatment of the parts:
    • Machining
    • Polishing
    • Galvanizing
    • Electrostatic painting
    • Anodic oxidation in case of aluminium products

  • алмазное сверление almbur
  • алмазная резка stenorez